We thought it would be cool to to show some great pics taken with the canon 24mm mk.2 TSE shift lens, I love the quality image of this piece of glass, even in low light, a great wide-angle on my 5D. A little editing in DPP and Snapseed, just to enhance the qualities of good glass.

Italy Xmas/New Year….2012/13

We are off to Italy, Tuscany over Xmas again to visit, Florence, Pisa and Siena, whilst we kind of now our way around, we use the district bus and train services which  are great and frequent to service the locals and travellers….However if you can recommend small towns, villages  and areas with an architectural influence, please let me know.


Cafe Vintage

Those of you who have kindly visited my projects page will have seen thumbnails of some  ‘cafe vintage’ images taken in Berlin as part of a collection. Seeking to expand the ‘cafe vintage’ project, I am interested in any coffee vintage items to photograph. Can you help?